Strider CD

Open Source Continuous Integration & Deployment Server

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Build and test your software projects continuously

Continuous integration and deployment increases productivity and reliablity by ensuring your code is always tested, and built automatically.

Integrates seamlessly with Github

Simply add your Github projects to strider, and relax as the tight integration means your tests will run on every commit.


See it in action

Set Up Continuous Deployment to Heroku in < 5 Minutes

Node.JS project on Github with Selenium tests

How it Works

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Install Strider

You need MongoDB runnning on localhost. Or, use a free cloud-hosted database from MongoLab.

$ npm install -g strider
$ strider addUser
$ strider
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Don't want to host it yourself? Try Hosted Strider Beta

  • Test & Deploy: Node.JS - Django - Python - Selenium and More!
  • Github - Heroku - Custom Deployment - Notifications - Teams
  • Free Setup Consultation - Commercial Support - Open Source

What Customers Are Saying About Us

" Strider is very reliable and extremely easy to set up "

Will Shulman, CEO MongoLab

" Strider's Selenium and Heroku support are killer features "

Casey Duncan, Pandora

" You are not need unit test if you are do continuous deployment "

DevOps Borat